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Learn with Facebook

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Learn with Facebook in e-learning

22-11-2018 Admin

In today's world, everyone is familiar with Social Media, where all the social media are clashing with each other to top the List. 

Facebook took the initiative to launch a site which focuses on Learning.
As reported on Tuesday 13th November 2018, that it will launch 'Learn With Facebook', a profession improvement site. 'Learn with Facebook' focuses on both the hard and soft skills individuals need to progress in the presently advanced workforce.

Learn with Facebook

The site is free and it has a range of tools such as case studies, insider tips and learning materials from industry experts. For example, it contains some lessons which include 'Discover Social Media Marketing ', 'Practice your Problem Solving' etc.

Learn with Facebook currently offers 13 courses, which are between 6 - 11 mins each. You can browse the lessons, also you can sign up for an account by using your email id or phone number or directly continuing with Facebook.

Learn with Facebook

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