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Effective SEO Techniques to Drive More Organic Traffic to the Website

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Effective SEO Techniques to Drive More Organic Traffic to the Website in SEO Optimization

05-03-2019 Admin

How SEO Techniques Affect Traffic

In today's rapidly changing world, SEO also changes dynamically and the strategies and techniques used to increase website ranking and traffic have also changed. To stay in the competition and achieve a goal you must have to implement the techniques and win the game of SEO. As we all know that Google Ranking algorithm has also changed periodically, the techniques also change accordingly. Here we will discuss the latest techniques and effective techniques that will help to increase website rank and organic traffic as well.

If your website is properly optimized with the latest SEO techniques then you have more chance to visible in the search result as compare with the other website's that not optimize for SEO. One who wins in SEO technique, win in the game of organic traffic. Google searching algorithm gives top priority the website which is properly optimized for the SEO.

In this post, we will break down the advanced and effective SEO techniques to skyrocket your ranking and increase the number of monthly organic visitors to your website.

  • Improve User Experience of the Website

Let's Kick start with the things Google consider to rank the website. Google Ranking Algorithm gives the first preference to the website that the user spent more time. A website with less bounce rate is preferred by the algorithm to rank in search engine. User experience is not about the design only but the content that user love to read. A website which answered user all queries is rank more quickly. 

You just need to think about the desire to show better results when optimizing your website for the search engine. If your website is not high-quality content enough then you have very less chance to rank the keywords for your website. Nobody wants to land on the website with incomplete information and poor user interface that lead to a high bounce rate. 

Google ranking algorithm think that if the user spends more time on a page, it probably because of the page might be useful for the user. and Google has the aim to deliver the best quality and more relevant result to the user, it will push the site up with more traffic and engagement in the search engine ranking page. But it's not easy to reduce the bounce rate of the website. Here are a few ways to optimize the content for better user experience.

  1. Make Your Post Easy to Read: 

Optimize content readability is the first step to decrease the bounce rate of the website.  Comprehensive content with easy language to understand, it gives a better result in SERP. 

REMEMBER More TIme Spend on Website = High Organic Rank = Low Bounce Rate

Consider the following formatting tips to increase the readability of content: 

Shorter Paragraph: Limit each paragraph of 4,5 sentences. It is even ok to make a paragraph of 1 or 2 sentences. It will give a better experience for the user.

Mixed Sentence Length:  Most users ignore the article with long sentences. It is good practice to make the sentence shorter or mixed sentence length is also good.

Mixed Length Sentence

Sub Headers: Average person spend just spend 37 seconds reading a piece of online content. You can boost that time by adding subheaders in the sentence.

Bullet Points: If you have packed of data such as stats, ideas, and point within one paragraph. Add bullet points to easily understand the concept.

Images: Pictorial format of data is easy to understand. Add images where it is necessary.

Quality Content: All the above points are meaningless if your content is poor and difficult to read. Make sure to write a quality content article.

  • Write in an Inverted Pyramid Style:

Many people do not aware of the Inverted Pyramid Style. Inverted Pyramid Style giving away the most valuable information at the top of the article following up with less more information after it. Most users read the first 10 to 15 lines and if the content is useful for them they will stay on the page. So, the Inverted Pyramid Style is always best for the article.

Inverted Pyramid style

  • Analyze Page Design and Improve It

Most often, a high bounce rate results from poor readability and complicated user experience. Here are some testing tool that can analyze how people interact on your website.

Crazy Egg helps you to analyze subscriber rate and understand user experience with their rich visual ads like heatmap, scroll maps etc.  This is the graphic representations of one aspect of UX.

For example, heatmaps are the colorful representation of where user click on your website page. while the scroll maps show you just how far down the page user scroll before leaving the website. This data is useful to figure out which part of the website needs improvement in design. Crazy Egg show heatmap on the home page of the website.


Optimizely tool used to perform A/B testing of data and test website for maximum usability and engagement. In A/B testing multiple version of webpages shown to the user and analyze the effect of each page to get a better comparison of design. The biggest advantage of the A/B testing is marketers understand how a small change can be shown a positive effect on the website. 

A/B testing

Optimize by Google Analytic also help marketers to maximize customer engagement and conversion. Google optimize is a streamlined, user-friendly software that can do A/B testing improve engagement and targeted experience. 

A user can run several types of experiments :

  • A/B tests
  • Redirect taste
  • Multivariate taste

With help of this tool, comparison and A/B testing is getting easier and gives a better outcome.

  • Site Speed 

In 2010, Google announced that it will use site speed for the ranking factor. Site speed plays important role in SEO technique because people don't want to wait to access the information they looking for. Google launched the number of tools that help to improve site speed.

  • Page Speed Insights help the user to improve site performance.
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages) used to boost the speed of website for mobile.

You must improve site speed not only for speed up your site but increase the conversion as well. Most people suffer from site loading speed won't come back to the website again. Here are some points to improve site speed.

  • Minify unnecessary code from the website (jsp/css)
  • Reduce server response timing.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Reduce the size of the images to load the website more quickly.
  • Optimize for Voice Search 

Did you know that more than 60% of searches will be voice searches by the year 2020? That's right, its a requirement now to get more traffic to the website. Half of the people using Google are not typing their queries, they used voice search device to get the job done. If you avoid using this latest SEO technique then you make a mistake. Voice searches device take data from the SERP to replay the answer with the help of featured snippet block to answer the query. Voice search is big part in advanced SEO technique and strategy.

Voice Searches

Only the difference between these two is Voice searches are question-based. For example, if searcher search for "shark diet"  A voice-based search is likely to be "What do shark eat?".

quetion based voice search

Google takes data from a featured snippet from SERP. So you must be added structure data for each page to rank in SERP. Structure data is a fantastic way to boost the chances of information viewed by more audience.

  • Longer Content equals Higher Ranking

Research shows that longer the content equals the higher chances of getting rank in SERP. It doesn't mean you have to stretch the article and write 3 to 4k words article. If the requirement is not much of 2k words then you can write the article under 2k words only the intent is to give the user all that he wants. 

Word Count to rank article

Some time people not looking for comprehensive and 4k words article they only need to answer in short form. consider the example of 'What is on-page SEO' then answer must be short and descriptive. If the user enters the query as 'what is on-page SEO and how to use it' then you can describe the answer in details. 

  • Includes Videos in Content - Youtube SEO

Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. Youtube videos have a higher possibility to rank in google searches than other types of videos. Youtube has more than 3 billion searches per month. Youtube SEO is one of the important and advanced SEO technique to stay

Many SEO analysts forget about youtube when they think about the search engine. Creating videos, uploading it on youtube and make SEO for the youtube videos gives the best result in increasing traffic. Many users experienced double traffic after implementing Youtube SEO.

How to Perform Youtube SEO?

Update youtube video title. Make sure that youtube title is SEO friendly and clickable to increase click-through rate(CTR). Add keywords in title to get more traffic. Used keywords in starting of the title.

Update Video description. Youtube spider does not read videos. They will rely on the description to know about what video exactly contain. Instead of only adding keywords try to make a short blog about the video that describes the video.

Make longer videos. When you describe the workflow. it is recommended to describe it in detail.

Create a Custom Thumbnail to attract more user. A strong thumbnail tells the user about what video is about. 

  • Technical Optimization for Website

If your website has tons of glitches then why Google would rank your website on 1st rank. You need to grip on technical optimization of the website. Consider the below points for technical optimization of the website.

Switch to HTTPS

Did you visit the website and greeted with an error message. It is quite annoying.

insecure website

It happens when a website doesn't have an SSL certificate. The website uses the old HTTP protocol. Google has warned visitors who do not have a secure protocol. The insecure protocol has more chances of getting hacked. We can secure the website by installing the SSL certificate on the website.

Enable AMP for Mobile Devices

AMP(Mobile Accelerated page) is the most important advanced SEO techniques to the rank website. Now Google considers your website mobile presence to rank the website. Google search console notify website owner if any coverage issue occurs with the mobile version. You can check your website for mobile optimization with the help Mobile-Friendly Test

These are few SEO techniques which can be helpful in 2019 to attract more traffic to the website and boost your website rank on Google Search Engine. 


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