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7 Social Media Mistake that you must Avoid while Promoting Your Brand

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7 Social Media Mistake that you must Avoid while Promoting Your Brand in Social Media Marketing

28-02-2019 Admin

Social Media for a Business

Social Media has a great potential for all the businesses that want to boost their reach, traffic, sales, and leads but when not handled properly it can actually harm your Brand.

Where social media has so much to offer, it is necessary that you are wise enough to know how to get the most out of it.

Social media for a business

Some Social Media Mistakes that can ruin your Brand:-

1. Too many Social Media Networks at Once.

Instead of using all the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at the same time, a business should try to Focus on two or three social networks at once.

Most of the businesses tend to rely on three social media networks:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

For the Websites that heavily rely on graphics and images, Facebook Instagram and Pinterest are good options.

But for the Websites that gives more of professional information, Twitter and LinkedIn are suitable.

The networks that you spend the most time on should be able to generate you the highest ROIs.

Solution: Simply analyze where your potential customers spend most of their time and build your social profile there. After the brand is built on a particular social network you can then switch to next.


2. Not taking Negative Feedback Seriously.

If you don't take negative feedbacks seriously this could be one of the biggest social media mistakes.

How you respond to negative feedback says a lot about your brand. Learning how to respond well to negative feedbacks is necessary as it will showcase your commitment towards customer service.

Solution: Make sure to pay attention to the negative feedback as it is an opportunity to know where your customer wants you to get better.


3. Using Inappropriate Hashtags.

One of the common mistakes is using too many inappropriate hashtags. If the content is not related to the hashtag then you should not use it.

Always remember that using proper hashtags can help more people to view your content, so when you don't use the right ones you might not achieve your desired results.

Solution: Take help of the other sites that post similar content and try to use those hashtags only if they make sense.



4. Posting Similar Content.

Posting similar content could put an impression on the audience that your brand doesn't have anything creative to offer and might lose interest.

Solution: Post something that is creative and exciting. This will engage your audience. If you are running out of ideas try to analyze your competitors and understand their strategy.


5. Not using Images in your Updates.

As per studies, Posts with Images perform better.  If your posts don't have images to relate with, people might find them less interesting. Therefore while posting some content don't forget to add some images along with it.

Solution: Always use images while posting some content. This will help people to engage with content. Make sure to use images that are of good quality and associated with the topic.


6. Posting too much in one go.

Posting too much in a go is always a big No. This can be a horrible idea for the branding of your business. People are more likely to unfollow you or likely to ignore your posts.

Businesses need to use scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Socialpilot to make sure there is a proper time frame between the posts. People can also view 'insights'.

Solution:  Maintain a Content Calendar and post a maximum of 4-5 tweets and 1-2 Facebook posts.


7. Not Updating Frequently.

If you don't keep social networks up to date then this habit should be changed immediately. Updating your social networks is way too more important than you might think.

Solution: You must always update your social networks with good stuff. This way people will know that your brand is constantly growing.

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